Carmen Beattie has been providing us with first-class property management services since 2009 for properties in Parksville. Carmen carefully screens prospective tenants, including checking with us whenever she has any questions. All tenants she has brought us have been prompt with their rental payments, and we get a comprehensive ledger printout every month. When we need access to the properties for maintenance or other reasons, she and her office support are very quick to inform the tenants so there are no surprises. When a property turns over, it is always left in pristine condition, of which we are very appreciative.

Over the years, she has successfully increased our revenue by matching rental rates to the market which she follows closely. In addition, Carmen is a warm and friendly person (at least to the owners) and is a real pleasure to deal with. We would highly recommend Carmen Beattie for any property management needs.

~ John and Marty